Halotherapy is our main service. 45 minute sessions in our any of our salt rooms will have you breathing easier, lowering your stress levels, and relaxing your body. $25 + tax per session. If this is your first visit, it’s half off!


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Cupping in the Salt Room

Dr. Dan “The Bowtie Man,” performs his cupping therapy while you receive halotherapy. Cupping Therapy is known to help improve circulation, treat migraines naturally, increase fertility, prevent blood clots, activate the lymphatic system, reduce inflammation, detox the body, improve digestion, reduce hypertension and so much more! Combine that with the respiratory and skin benefits that Halotherapy has to offer and you'll be feeling more than rejuvenated!

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Massage in the Salt Room

We have professional, licensed Massage Therapists. You can enjoy a massage while you’re breathing in the salt air. Double whammy on the health benefits! $65 + tax per session. This is held every Thursday, every hour from 9am-5pm.



Natural and Crafted Himalayan Salt Lamps

We offer a wide range of Himalayan Salt Lamps. Pyramids, globes, baskets, natural cut, and crafted shapes. We even have massive lamps that weigh over 150 pounds! All for sale of course!

 Purchase gift cards online by clicking on the logo. Give the gift of relaxation, breathing, and healing.