“A great experience.”

This place was a great experience tonight. I recommend it for natural healing and health. And if you need some down time to get away from the crazy world, this is the place.

— A.G.

“Aboslutely amazing!”

Absolutely amazing! My allergies have been bothering me so bad... only one session and I feel so much better!!

— K.H.


“An inexplicably deep healing space. Treat yourself now.”

— L.D.


“Recommend for stress reduction”

Very healing, calming environment and experience. I recommend it for stress reduction.

— L.B.

“All that congestion started clearing out.”

I was outdoors during the sandstorm last Wednesday and have been suffering with terrible allergies and sinus congestion ever since. I've been taking allergy medicine and NyQuil just to cope and sleep, but nothing was giving me any relief. After about 10 minutes sitting in the salt room, ALL that congestion started clearing out! After some pretty intense fits of sneezing and coughing in the salt room, I can finally say I'm able to BREATHE again! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It literally cleared out EVERYTHING that had been blocking me up for the past few days, and I feel so much better! I honestly wasn't sure what to expect when I made the appointment, and I was pretty skeptical that it would work as promised - but now; I'm definitely all for it. If you feel plugged up and you want to clear your sinuses, this is a way to get immediate relief. Definitely try it; I highly recommend!

— P.S.


“Would highly recommend”

I had very relaxing experience with my family. We all enjoyed it and would highly recommend any giving it a try.

— T.H.

“Chris and Callie are amazing”

I LOVE this place and feel great from my sessions there. I’m healthier and have great energy now.

— L.J.