The Southwest Salt Room is a LOCAL, FAMILY owned and FAMILY operated business. Like many in Las Cruces, our family has suffered from seasonal, growing and harvesting allergies, smoke inhalation, pet dander, and other toxins found in homes and products. We are walking testimonials as to what the benefits of HaloTherapy or "Salt Therapy" truly are. Our family would love for you to come and relax in a spa like environment while you boost your immune system, enhance your mental energy, and suppress stress. Our salt rooms are 100% drug free, non-invasive and comfortable. There are no side effects or health hazards. Few people will cough or feel an itchy throat, don't worry! These are just signs that the salt aerosol is helping you by allowing you to expel the pollutants or toxins in your airways. Stop by and take a look around. We offer a variety of spa products such as soaps, scrubs and bath salts. Plus a ton of authentic himalayan salt lamps. Come in, say hello and get a tour. #SHOPLOCAL
-Chris, Callie, and Calvin