kid's salt room

HaloTherapy is for all ages! However children, 4 and under, must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Guardian must either sit in the salt room with their child or constantly observe them through our wall sized window. We have created an ocean like environment for the kiddos where they can play as if they were on a beach! It's play time, with healing properties.


benefits for children

Children Benefits

Our staff have children of their own and highly reccomend salt therapy for assistance of the following:


  • Please do not eat the salt. 
  • Please do not throw the salt.
  • Always share!
  • Everyone is a friend.
  • Please do not throw toys.
  • Please do not hit others.
  • No food or drink, even water, are allowed in the room.
  • Because of space limitations, we recommend you book online or by calling us first.
  • 3 children and 3 adults will be allowed per session.
  • Please no yelling