What is HaloTherapy and what are the benefits?

HaloTherapy is a holistic, all natural, non-invasive method that mimics the natural climate of salt caves. Halogenerator machines grind pharmaceutical grade salt down to a fine aerosol and disperse it in the air at high concentrations. 

Other countries have been using natural salt cave treatments for years! Clinical studies suggest that individuals who use HaloTherapy at least two times per week have seen an decrease in laboring of breath, as in wheezing or coughing, an increase in lung strength and has even helped with skin issues.

The benefits of HaloTherapy are numerous. 

  • Relieve stress and relax - Salt naturally balances out the positive charge in our bodies by binding our positive ions with the salt’s negative ions. This cancels out positive charged and harmful electromagnetic vibrations in the salt room, as well as in our body. Thus leaving you feeling relaxed and less-stressed.

  • Salt therapy has been known to help alleviate symptoms from the following:

    • chronic bronchitis

    • ear infection

    • breathlessness/chest tightness

    • asthma

    • rhinitis/tonsillitis

    • pneumonia after acute stage

    • "Smoker's cough" 

    • sinusitis/sinus respiratory infections

    • respiratory allergies: seasonal, harvesting and growing, and pollutants found in homes  

    • eczema/psoriasis and much more!

  • Salts properties are naturally anti-bacterial. While breathing in the salt air in our rooms the tiny particles travel along your airways, into your lungs and respiratory system and dissolves the bacteria/pollutants allowing you to either cough up mucous or expel mucous by blowing your nose. Breathing in this environment also reduces inflammation in the lungs allowing you to breathe easier.

    "This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated this product. As in all health situations, qualified professionals should be consulted."